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The Vision of Your Great Life

Vision Exercises & Meeting

Your financial resources are there to provide you the support you need to live your great life.

That sounds great, but... what if you're not entirely sure what your great life looks like?

Creating a resonant vision for a great life is tricky for pretty much everyone.

And that's where the Vision portion of the Life Planning Journey comes in.

Writing Exercises to Clarify Your Vision

There are two writing exercises to complete prior to the Vision Meeting. They'll help you begin to clarify the essential elements you need to lead your great life.

  1. The 3 Questions Exercise (click here for worksheet)
  2. The Heart's Core Grid Exercise (click here for worksheet)

But wait - watch the video first!

In the below video, I explain the exercises and how to approach them. Don't skip the video! It'll give you key context to make sure you get the most out of the exercises.

Click the image below (or here) to watch the video on the Loom website.

A Few More Pointers! 📝

A few other things about the Vision Meeting... 

  • Please share with me your two exercises no later than 24 hours before the Vision Meeting.
  • If you're completing the Life Planning process with a romantic partner, please DO NOT share or discuss your responses before the Vision Meeting.
  • I do not automatically have access to the Google Docs you create through the links above. You will need to share the documents with me from within the Google Docs application. Click here to view an explainer video of how to do that.

Individual Visions (for now!)

If you’re completing the Life Planning process with a significant other, both you and they will go independently in the portion of the meeting where we review the writing exercises and outline your vision statement.

When your significant other is engaged in this portion of the meeting, you will be in “listen only” mode. Specifically, I’d ask you to listen for what feelings and emotions your partner is experiencing as they go through the process.

You may have feelings, emotions and opinions about what’s being discussed as well - but for this meeting, focus on empathizing. You’ll have an opportunity to share what you observed about their emotional experience after they’ve concluded.

When do we create this Vision?

We create this clear vision for your life in the Vision meeting, which we hold once you've completed the above exercises. 

And this Life Planning experience occurs after you've completed the "Deciding to Work Together" process — and formally agreed to work with me by signing an Advisory Services agreement. Learn more about the entire process here.

Click here to learn more about the entire Life Planning journey.