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I'm based in Los Angeles. ☀️ 🌴

I grew up outside Milwaukee 🧀 and lived in Chicago 🌇 for years.

I think I combine the best of West Coast chill 🏄 and mild-mannered Midwesterner. 👩‍🌾

And oh yah, I work with therapists from across the country!

Disclaimer: I didn't grow up on a farm and I can't surf. 😐

Contact Dave

Have a question? Please, give me a shout!

Use this form or email dave@turningpointhq.com.

Text or call ☎️ 310 857-9799.

Overwhelmed & Not Sure Where to Begin? 😲

Financial Professional? 👨‍💻

I hold monthly "office hours" for current or aspiring financial planners to come and "pick my brain." We can cover whatever's on your mind, including getting in to the industry, launching a firm, picking a niche, etc.

👉 Click here to schedule a 30 minute slot!

👉 Explore how I can help YOU! 🥳