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Resources for Therapists in Private Practice

Hi there! 👋

This page contains my list of resources for therapists in private practice. I'm actively adding to the list, so bookmark this page and come back and visit every so often! And if you have a great resource you'd like me to add, please reach out!

For Fun & For Free

I don't have a relationship with any of these companies or products. And none of these links are affiliate links. I don't earn any money by serving these resources up to you... I just hope you find them helpful! (Not taking money from product sales is part of Fiduciary Oath.)

Equally important note: I haven't performed due diligence on these resources. I can't personally vouch for all of them. This is more of brainstorming-type list to get you started on your own evaluation process.

Full list of Resources is just below. 👇  And if you're looking for guidance on how resources like these could fit into your financial plan, register to access my free Guide to Financial Planning for Therapists. 

Resources for Therapists

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+ Bookkeeping & Accounting 💸

All of us business owners need to keep our financial books up to date... and oh yah we have to run the gauntlet or preparing our taxes each spring. You can do a lot of that work on your own (but do you really want to...?! 🙈) If you choose to get some help in this area of your business, you're lucky to have a bunch of accounting professionals out there who specialize in working in therapists in private practice! Below are the firms that I've come across.

GreenOak Accounting. Julie & her team offer specialized accounting for mental health professionals & therapists. They're also experts in implementing Profit First in private practice.

Grow the Books. Bookkeeping services with a therapist niche. I especially love how Greg takes the time each quarter to review the financial reports his firm creates.

TL;DR Accounting. Accountants out of Seattle who focus on private practitioners. They also offers some great blog content on their website.

Wellness Fi.Bookkeeping & tax advisory for the wellness community.

Therapeutic Bookkeeping. I think the name says it all! They provide bookkeeping services for therapists.

Heard is the new kid on the block, having started operations in 2020. They are a technology-forward bookkeeping & tax service provider for therapists in private practice. They also offer an ongoing webinar series that has hosted some pretty interesting conversations.

+ Podcasts 🔊

Alright... podcasts. Where to begin. I'm a podcast kinda guy, so maybe I'm biased but there seem to be SO many great podcasts out there to help you grow your private practice (not to mention a million other things). Here are the podcasts I'm binging lately.

Selling the Couch Podcast. This is the first podcast I discovered that caters to the mental health community. I don't know if Melvin was the first podcaster in the space, but he's certainly one of my favorites. He explores a wide range of topics, and is passionate about expanding beyond traditional therapy.

Money Sessions Podcast. This is legit one of the most inspiring and exciting podcast I listen to. If you want to raise your fees and feel great about doing it, this is the podcast for you.

Therapy for Your Money Podcast. Julie Herres, founder of GreenOak Accounting covers all matter of topics important for the financial health of your private practice.

The Practice of Therapy. I find Gordon's podcast to be super down-to-earth and accessible. As he describes it, "The #1 reason clinicians fail in private practice is that they don't know how to navigate the business and financial sides of running a practice. The Practice of Therapy Podcast helps clinicians get the knowledge they need to have a profitable and sustainable practice that fits their lifestyle." 

The Abundant Practice Podcast. Allison Puryear offers practical advice for counselors starting and building a private practice. The podcast follows a twice-weekly format, so plenty of great content to dig into here!

The Practice of the Practice Podcast. The POP podcast has perhaps been around the longest. Joe's episode count is up in the 300's... so, yah there is QUITE a bit of content there for you to digest. To help you wade through the content, they've kindly developed this podcast guide organized by topic.

The Group Practice Exchange Podcast. As you might imagine, this podcast is all about running a group practice. So if you're a solo practitioner looking to make the leap, or if you're running a group practice and looking for some great ideas to level up, this podcast is for you.

+ Books 📚

I couldn't possibly list all the books I've found helpful and influential, but here are a handful that are top of mind for me at the moment!

Facilitating Financial Health. This book is an excellent overview of how helping professionals can help their clients (and themselves) with money issues. The authors are experts both in mental health and in finance, which gives them a unique perspective. I found this book really interesting and insightful.

Building Your Ideal Private Practice. This book is Lynn Grodzki's really excellent resource on how to build a practice which suits you. Lynn also offers business coaching for therapists in private practice. This is a great way to think through what you want your business to look like, and how to get it there.

Million Dollar Private Practice. This book by David Steele is also a great read to help you think through what you want your business (and your impact on the world) to look like. Part of me was almost a bit turned off by the "million dollar" part of the title... and yet the book offers a valuable challenge to think through how to grow your impact.  And how to earn money commensurate with that impact.

Private Practice Preparedness. This book provides a comprehensive overview of how to establish a continuity plan for your private practice, and also includes customizable forms. Preparing for our own incapacity and death is never something super fun to think about... AND it's a really important task to undertake. This book makes the process more approachable and manageable.

+ Blogs 📝

Here are a few blogs that have jumped out for me. A lot of podcasters also have some written content, so be sure and check out that section as well!

Practice of the Practice Blog. Great articles on a wide range of subjects related to excelling in private practice.

Private Practice Skills. Dr. Marie Fang (of YouTube fame). She has also started offering online courses which you can read about on her website.

+ Video Content 🎥

I'm just starting to explore the world of YouTube and other online video content. If you know of any great You Tube stars to follow, please give me a shout and I'll add them here!

Private Practice Skills YouTube Channel. Dr. Marie Fang is a psychologist in San Jose, CA and shares quick, entertaining and informative videos on a wide range of private practice topics. New videos come out every Friday and there are a TON of great ones in the archives!

+ Coaching | Consulting | Coursework 📢

There is an ever-expanding offering of coaching, consulting & coursework out there. And it spans a lot of different topic areas. Here are some for you to consider!

Lean In. MAKE BANK. This is Tiffany's course, and I think the name gives you a solid sense of the topic and the inspiring energy Tiffany brings. Her Money Sessions podcast is listed above and I really encourage you to check that out as well. This course will help you work on your own money "stuff" and help you build a private practice that... well makes bank. Put simply, LIMB is a five-week course teaching you the skills to earn more in your practice. 

ZynnyMe is the very fanciful name Kelly & Miranda came up with for their coaching business. And they're not called private practice experts without reason! They offer a ton of online education content for free (!!!) and also offer the Business School Bootcamp for Therapists. You didn't get your MBA in running a therapy practice?! Well, Kelly & Miranda are here to help.

Money Nuts & Bolts. Linzy is a therapist & entrepreneur who will help you develop the foundational skillset to keep your practice finances in order, and help you feel calm and in control of your finances. This workshop will help you implement a finance and bookkeeping system that works for you (not just for your accountant). Tired of waking up in a cold sweat from accounting- fueled nightmares? Check Linzy's course out!

Rebel Therapist.  Helps therapists create programs that will launch the next phase of their business. If you're thinking about moving beyond traditional one-on-one therapy, becoming a Rebel might be where it's at. Annie also offers the inspiring Rebel Therapist podcast.

Abundance Practice-Building helps therapists build full, happy private practices. Allison offers a variety of services, including the Inner Circle, their most exclusive and high-touch offering with 1:1 coaching.

Andi Smiles is a small business financial consultant. She'll help you get the financial side of your business sorted in no time. I also enjoy her entertaining and actionable podcast, Ask Andi.

Mind Money Balance. This is Lindsay Bryan-Podvin's financial therapy & coaching practice, and she also offers financially-oriented content for therapists in private practice on her blog. She also offers a nine-week coaching program entitled "Grow a Profitable Practice from the Inside Out."

Person Centered Tech provides teletherapy and HIPAA security compliance training, tools, and support for Mental Health Professionals.

+ Website Build & Design 👩‍💻

Looking to start a website for your practice? Or want to up-level the website you've got? You're in luck! There are a surprising number of companies out there specifically focused on helping therapists create effective websites. I mean... I was surprised anyway!

Each of the companies below offers services in slightly different ways (and at varying price points). Check a few of the below companies out and see which resonate with you.

I talk more about the different ways you might create and host your website in my Guide to Financial Planning for Therapists. Click here to get access to this free resource!

Website Vendors for Therapists

Empathy Sites.

Brighter Vision.

Create My Therapist Website.

My Digital Maven.

Camile McDaniel.

Private Practice Elevation.

Therapy Sites.

Hold Space Creative.

Psychotherapy Sites.

Strong Roots Web Design.

Mindful Web Solutions.

Level Up Your Practice.

Design for Therapists.

Therapy Tribe Website Offering. 

Counseling Wise.

Dr. Marie Fang also offers a course on how to DIY a SquareSpace website, if that feels like a better fit for you.

+ EHR Software 💻

EHR Software can be a real help when running your private practice. It can help boost the operational efficiency of your back-office operations as well as help ensure HIPAA compliance. 

The two biggest names out there seem to be Simple Practice and Therapy Notes. Then again, they might just have the biggest marketing spend. And they also have the whole East Coast - West Coast rivalry going on, which is sorta a romantic story. (Simple Practice is based in Los Angeles; Therapy Notes outside Philly).

Two other vendors you might consider, include TheraNest and iCouch. Be sure and play around with the different software and get a feel for which might work best for you.

Tame Your Practice offers this page on EHR Reviews, which includes access to a guide to choosing the software that's the best fit for you.

Jill Shook has also written a piece on how to choose an EHR. Her advice is tailored to Speech Language Pathologists, but I suspect you might find her approach applicable to your practice.

+ Outsourcing & VAs 🚀

Productive Therapist offers Virtual Assistants and specialize in serving therapy practices. And if you're looking for other VA providers, check out the Master Resources page Productive Therapist offers. There they catalogue many other vendors.

Practice Solutions offers Billing & Credentialing services for practices working with insurance payors.

+ Personal Finance Educational Resources 🧑‍🏫

In addition to the content found on this site, there are a lot of other great resources out there. All of these resources are from fellow finance professional who I know and trust. There is far too much poor financial advice out there, so I want to make sure and point you in the direction of other solid, trustworthy folks.

My free Guide to Financial Planning for Therapists is a great place to start your education! Click here to access!

For looking up specific information, I've found The Balance (& The Balance for Small Business), Nerd Wallet & Investopedia websites to be fairly good resources. Sure, they're going to try and sell you something, or get you to sign up for some credit card, since that's how they make money, but the basic facts they provide are usually quite good. These resources are usually going to be in the top search results if you just Google your finance question, so they're quite easy to find.

My Top Three Investing Books

If you're looking for a great, general overview of how to manage your financial life and get started with investing, an easy and very approachable read is The Index Card: Why Personal Finance Doesn't Have to be Complicated.

If you want to go a bit deeper, especially on the investing side, I also love The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing. This book also provides a great overview of personal finance in general. WTF is a Boglehead? Read the book and you'll find out.! You might even become one.

And if you really want to go deep into the academic underpinnings of sensible investing and Modern Portfolio Theory, check out A Random Walk Down Wall Street. While academic leaning, it's still quite readable.

Podcasts, Blogs & More Books!

Real Personal Finance Podcast. This is hosted by my friends James Conole and Scott Frank. Scott is the financial planner that I've hired to help me manage my financial life. I sought out my own financial planner because I really value having a partner to think things through. All of the financial knowledge in the world does me little good if I've spent too much time alone inside my head! 🙂

Workable Wealth Podcast. Mary Beth Storjohann is an inspiration to me, and I think she will be for you too. She brings such upbeat clarity and agency to conversations around money. It's always an enjoyable conversation, and I love hearing her perspectives on all things personal finance. I'm pretty sure she coined the phrase (which I love to use) "personal finance is just that: personal." Her Workable Wealth Blog also has some amazing written content. AND she has also written the book Work Your Wealth: 9 Steps to Making Smarter Choices With Your Money. 👌👌👌

Flow Financial Planning Blog. Meg is an excellent writer and has some incredible informative and insightful content on her blog. She focused on working in women in technology, so not everything she covers will be spot on for therapists, but I really enjoy reading her blog posts, and couldn't not include it here.

Money Owners Podcast. This is one of the personal finance podcast i'm sure to listen to every time it comes out. I like her approach and clarity of thought. And her husband happens to be a big proponent of Bitcoin, so if you're interested in cryptocurrencies she has episodes for you. Morgan has also written a book which I can highly recommend: Personal Finance QuickStart Guide. 👍

+ Personal Finance Get It Done Resources 📈

Vanguard. Vanguard is the OG in the low-cost, passive investing space. I've used them historically for all of my investing needs. I've switched to Dimensional Funds which I believe offers a small, but meaningful, improvement over Vanguard funds. Dimensional Funds are only available when investing through an investment professional. If you're curious, yes, I offer Dimensional Funds through my my ongoing financial planning services.

Betterment. Betterment is a pretty nifty technology-enabled investing service. They provide access to a lot of different investment funds (including Vanguard). Betterment makes it easy to create different goals to save for, and then to invest appropriately given the time horizons of those goals. They also do neat things like tax loss harvesting and automatic rebalancing. You can do these things yourself when investing directly through Vanguard, but Betterment does it for you, giving you one less complicated thing to think about. You have to pay for that benefit of course. They charge a small percent (under 1%) of the money you invest with them each year.

Gusto. For processing payroll for small businesses, Gusto is tremendously popular. I haven't used them personally, but everyone I know who has is pretty happy. There are other providers like ADP out there certainly, but I suspect you'd find the larger companies offering services more poorly tailored to the small to medium sized business most therapy practices are.

Looking for additional guidance to get started investing? Check out my free Guide to Financial Planning for Therapists. Click here to access!

+ Other 'Resources' Pages 🎯

Looking for other pages like this one that compile helpful resources for therapists? You're in luck, there are several! Here are the ones I've found helpful:

Productive Therapist offers this Master List of Resources, including quite a few Virtual Assistant (VA's) providers you might consider.

Selling the Couch Resources Page. Melvin has a ton of great stuff here... and I'd also like to up vote his recommendations on investing.

Selling the Couch (aka STC) Covid-19 Resources Page. This pages contains a roundup of STC podcast episodes covering topics to help your income survive the pandemic. There are also links to a wealth of other resources toward the bottom of the page.

GreenOak Accounting offers this list of providers covering a wide range of topics. 

The Practice of Therapy Cool Resources page also offers some great ideas to guide your private practice journey. (And it IS a pretty cool page.)

Looking 👀 for more resources?!

Check out my free Guide to Financial Planning for Therapists.

Click here to access!