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Financial Planning for Therapists

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Your Roadmap to Financial Confidence

You're making more money than you ever thought possible, and that feels fricking AMAZING.

And yet... your financial house feels a little... wobbly.

  • You're not sure you're on the right track. Can you afford to spend that money? Are you saving enough?
  • You aren’t sure how to plan for retirement (but suspect you should be doing more)
  • You suspect you shouldn’t stash all that money in bank accounts (but investing feels risky and no one explains it in a way which makes much sense)
  • You want to go after that BIG DREAM (but worry it’ll destroy your financial security)
  • You take care of bookkeeping and file your taxes (but worry you’re overlooking something — and don’t understand half that nonsense)
  • You’ve made peace with your student loans  (but secretly wonder if there’s something more you could do)
  • You wish this money stuff didn't feel so haphazard and overwhelming.

Maybe you just need a miracle to figure all this sh*t out!

You don’t need a miracle. What you need is a PLAN.

A plan - a roadmap - that replaces complexity and doubt with knowledge and clarity.

But the roadmap alone isn’t enough! You also need the support to find motivation and hope when the inevitable roadblocks appear!

👋 My name is David Frank and I help therapists find relief, validation, motivation and hope about money.

In other words, I’m a financial planner for therapists.

It’s time to dial down that money anxiety.

Financial planning will help you:

  • Create an investing strategy you understand — and doesn't feel too risky
  • Plan for that dream home, sabbatical or new business — and know it won’t tank your finances
  • Build a bookkeeping process that works — and finally understand your P&L
  • Feel good about what you’re earning — and stop overworking
  • Understand taxes so you’re prepared — and don’t overpay
  • Spend without guilt — knowing you’re saving enough
  • Manage your student loan debt — and implement a plan to get rid of it
  • ... and SO much more (click here to learn more)

Ready to feel organized, supported and hopeful? 

Financial planning organizes and prioritizes everything in your financial life. You’ll feel great knowing your financial house is in order. You’ll be confident you’re on the right track (and haven’t overlooked anything important).

Your practice financials, tax management, budgeting, retirement plan selection - even insurance policies and estate planning. I’ll evaluate any existing investments you have, and design a smart investing strategy for your future.

There are two different ways you can work with me.

  • A one-time Quick Start Intensive coaching session; and 
  • The more in-depth Holistic planning package. 

Which is right for you? Depends on what you’re looking for!

Click here to learn more. 🎉

Get Organized without the Overwhelm!

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How about we replace financial doubt and complexity with knowledge & clarity?

And throw in a dose of motivation and hope for when the inevitable roadblocks appear!

Get all that and more when you register to access my TWO FREE GUIDES!

🤫 PLUS: Get $100 off any Service!!

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