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Financial Planning for Therapists

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Your Roadmap to Financial Confidence

Your financial to-do list is overwhelming. And still you worry you don’t really know what to do — or that you’re doing it right.

What you need is a plan! 

A plan - a roadmap - that replaces complexity and doubt with knowledge and clarity.

But the roadmap alone isn’t enough! You also need the support to find motivation and hope when the inevitable roadblocks appear!

👋 My name is David Frank and I help therapists find relief, validation, motivation and hope about money.

(In other words, I’m a financial planner for therapists.)

It’s time to dial down that money anxiety.

Financial planning will help you:

  • Create an investing strategy you understand — and doesn't feel too risky
  • Plan for that dream home, sabbatical or new business — and know it won’t tank your finances
  • Build a bookkeeping process that works — and finally understand your P&L
  • Feel good about what you’re earning — and stop overworking
  • Understand taxes so you’re prepared — and don’t over-pay
  • Spend without guilt — knowing you’re saving enough
  • Look at your student loan debt — and know you won’t have it forever
  • ... and SO much more (click here to learn more)

Ready to feel organized, supported and confident? 

There are two different ways you can work with me.

  • A one-time Quick Start Intensive coaching session; and 
  • The more in-depth Holistic planning package. 

Which is right for you? Depends on what you’re looking for!

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Get Organized without the Overwhelm!

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How about we replace financial doubt and complexity with knowledge & clarity?

And throw in a dose of motivation and hope for when the inevitable roadblocks appear!

Get all that and more when you register to access my TWO FREE GUIDES!

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