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Fee-Only Financial Planning

I've taken a fiduciary oath to never earn money from promoting any product. The only way I earn money is through the fees my clients pay me.

That's what being a fee-only financial planner means.

The fee-only model ensures you never have to worry if I'm recommending something because it's really right for you or because of the sales commission I earn. I never earn a commission on selling anything. Ever. Nice and simple.


Holistic Financial Planning is an investment of $6,600 per year. A 12 month commitment is required and there is a $1,000 one-time onboarding fee. The annual fee is paid in monthly installments of $550.

There may also be sliding scale slots available.  Sliding scale slots are reserved for households with net worth under $500,000 and below certain income thresholds (see bullets 👇). Email me to see if slots are available:

  • For households with under $200,000 in total income, the annual fee is $5,892 and upfront fee is $500. The annual fee is paid in monthly installments of $491.
  • For households with under $150,000 the annual fee is $4,896 with an upfront fee of $500. The annual fee is paid in monthly installments of $408.

Sliding scale rate eligibility is based on the income from the most recently filed income tax return and is re-assessed annually. 

The annual fee is paid in monthly installments and the one-time onboarding fee is due when you sign the advisory agreement.

This holistic financial planning fee includes comprehensive investment advisory services, but does not include investment management services. Investment management is a separate, optional service we offer to our ongoing financial planning clients.

I get it - this is not a small investment and deciding to work with me is no small decision. 

That's why I offer a two-meeting "Deciding to Work Together" process. Learn all about that here.

Questions about anything? 🤔

👉  Check out the FAQ page

👉  Or just shoot me an email!

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