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Fee-Only Financial Planning

I've taken a fiduciary oath to never earn money from promoting any product. The only way I earn money is through the fees my clients pay me.

That's what being a fee-only financial planner means.

The fee-only model ensures you never have to worry if I'm recommending something because it's really right for you or because of the sales commission I earn. I never earn a commission on selling anything. Ever. Nice and simple.

Holistic Planning

Holistic Planning is an investment of $6,600 per year. A 12 month commitment is required.

If your household income is below $150,000 there are also a limited number of sliding scale spots. You total annual cost could be as low as $5,000. Email me to see if there are slots available.

The $6,600 fee can be paid in installments, either monthly or quarterly.

Questions about what investment management is exactly? Or anything else? πŸ€”

πŸ‘‰  Check out the FAQ page

πŸ‘‰  Or just shoot me an email!

Quick Start Intensive

The price for the Quick Start Coaching Intensive if $697.

But wait - do you have your discount promo code?! 

Get a Promo Code to Save Some πŸ’°

Don’t have a promo code?

πŸ‘‰ Get my free guide and a promo code for $100 off any service!

Questions about what the Intensive includes? Or anything else? πŸ€” 

πŸ‘‰  Check out the FAQ page

πŸ‘‰  Or just shoot me an email!

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