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About Turning Point

Therapists Deserve a Fee-Only, Fiduciary Financial Planner.

Not only that, you deserve a financial planner who understands the nuances of working as a licensed mental health professional. And one who will help you manage the demands of running your own business!

Everyone has complicated financial affairs to manage in life. As a therapist, you have more than the average bear. 🧸

Maybe you're wondering if you're saving enough and investing those savings the right way. Perhaps you're wondering if you could better manage your tax bill. Or maybe you're wondering if your financial resources are really supporting the life you feel called to live. Or perhaps you're about to take a big step like getting married, having a child, or buying a home and wondering how to make it all work. Maybe you just can't stop worrying about that six-figure student loan balance.

Helping clients navigate these challenges is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I use the tools of comprehensive financial planning in a way specifically attuned to the unique needs of therapists. Because of this focus, I'm able to offer services with greater depth and understanding than most financial planners.

My aim is to help you navigate every important element of your financial life - both in your personal life and within your private practice. I believe that all of your financial resources should support your life of greatest meaning and purpose.

What questions do you have? Los Angeles, CA turning point Financial Life Planning

Get organized without the Overwhelm!
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Fiduciary Oath

I operate Turning Point as a fee-only, fiduciary financial planning firm. As such, I'm proud to adhere to a fiduciary standard of conduct. That means I have an obligation to always act in your best interest, putting your interests ahead of my own. I will always offer you advice I believe best suits you, even if that advice doesn't produce the best financial outcome for me.

Yah but... What Does That Actually Mean? 

What does that look like in practice? It means that I never receive compensation from the purchase of any product or service I recommend. Whether it's a book, online course, investment fund or insurance policy, I don't earn any money from recommending it. No commissions, no incentives, no kick-backs, no affiliate links.

Fee-only means the only way I earn money is through the fees my clients pay me. So you'll never have to worry if I'm suggesting something because it's truly the best solution, or because that's how I earn the biggest commission. I never earns commissions on anything. Period. Keeps things nice and simple!

So... No Conflicts of Interest At All?

You'll notice I say that the fee-only model minimizes conflicts of interest. It doesn't, in fact, eliminate them. Whenever there is an exchange of money there is always some degree of conflict, even if it's small. But I believe the fee-only approach makes that conflict as small as possible.

Why Financial *LIFE* Planning?

I believe the purpose of your financial resources is to help you lead your ideal life. People don't truly have financial goals; they have life goals with financial implications. 

Life planning emphasizes the focus I put on understanding your ideal life, and putting in place a financial plan to make that life your reality.

Why therapists? Los Angeles, CA turning point Financial Life Planning

Why Therapists?

Therapists are my people! I have benefited tremendously from therapy and I love learning about the practice of therapy. Each conversation I have with a therapist teaches me something interesting and insightful.

By empowering you around money and finances - both in your personal life and your private practice - I believe your life will get better. This empowerment and confidence will allow you to be more present and centered in all areas of your life, including your clinical work. 

The world needs more of what you do. And I want to help you share your gifts - in an authentic, balanced & abundant way!

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Overwhelmed & Not Sure Where to Begin? 😲