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Holistic Financial Planning Services

Let’s use your finances to lift you up — not weigh you down.

Work with me one-on-one and feel confident you're on the right track.

I'll help you make sense of every element of your financial world. You’ll know what to focus on — and what you can safely ignore for now.

I'll be there to provide a bit of inspiration, motivation and hope when you hit a few bumps in the road (it happens to all of us!)

I'll be a financial professional in your corner - there to help navigate whatever financial challenges come up!

I'll help you navigate everything swirling around your money life, including:

  • Create an investing strategy you understand — and feel good about
  • Plan for that dream home, sabbatical or new business — and know it won’t tank your finances
  • Build a bookkeeping process that works — and finally understand your P&L
  • Feel good about what you’re earning — and stop overworking
  • Understand taxes so you’re prepared — and don’t overpay
  • Spend without guilt — knowing you’re saving enough
  • Manage your student loan debt — and implement a plan to get rid of it
  • Demystify retirement plans and know you’ve got the right one for you
  • Select the right insurance plans for you - without being sold a bunch of overpriced garbage
  • Finally understand estate planning and implement the right approach for your loved ones, your practice and causes you care about!

Holistic Financial Planning Services 🧘

I only offer financial planning as an ongoing process where you commit to working with me for a minimum of 12 months. I don't offer consultations, hourly or one-time project work.

Why do I offer my services this way?

Because an ongoing partnership is what works. 

I've seen that this is what truly enables you to make meaningful improvement in your financial life.

One-time or short-term engagements cover too much information, too quickly. Without ongoing support, clients often find themselves still stuck and unsure how to proceed. 

The nature of Holistic Planning allows us to keep overwhelm at bay - we'll focus on a few tasks at a time. And I'll be there to support you along the way! You'll have a fiduciary financial professional in your corner whenever you need one.

Explore the Holistic Planning Process

PS: That said, ongoing financial planning isn't right for everyone. For other advising solutions see the 'Personal Finance & Investing 📈' section on my Resources Page. 

Your Chief Financial Officer (slash Thinking Partner)

One way to think of me is like the Chief Financial Officer of your life. 

Like any good CFO, I’ll monitor and ensure your financial house is in order and on track.

And like the best CFOs, I'm also a thinking partner to help you shape your life vision, define priorities, navigate difficult trade-offs and tackle new challenges as they come up. 

Your private practice is one of the critical pieces of your financial life. And since I’m leaning hard into this corporate metaphor, I think of your practice as a subsidiary company of your personal household. 

I’m not the day-to-day CFO of your practice. But like any good “parent company” CFO, I’ll play a critical role helping you think through big picture items — and rolling up my sleeves whenever big changes or critical decisions need to be made (e.g. acquiring another practice, considering a big expansion or even selling your practice). 

And I’ll check in on your practice at least once each year to make sure that it’s on track and serving the interests of your household:

  • Is it providing adequate profit to support your great life?
  • Are all of your practice’s financial needs (bookkeeping, reporting, tax prep, risk management) being met?
  • Is it demanding too much of you? And if so, what interventions might improve that. 
  • What outside services might be helpful right now: business coaching, compliance coaching, mastermind groups.

My 60+ Point Annual Checklist

I have a disciplined process (and a really long checklist) to ensure every critical element of your financial life is monitored and cared for.

And I’m always here to help you make important financial decisions as they come up. Whatever the issue — buying a home, deciding to lease or buy a vehicle, taking on additional debt, evaluating college funding, navigating mission-critical practice matters — we'll get it sorted in a timely manner.

I can't promise you complete safety, security or certainty. I wish I could - but they simply don't exist. (As it turns out, certainty is easy to sell, but impossible to deliver.)

What I can promise is that I’ll be your partner in making mission-critical decisions in the face of irreducible uncertainty. 

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What about investments?

A core element of my financial planning service is helping folks figure out how they should be investing their money.

Navigating the world of the stock market, mutual funds and ETF’s is confusing and overwhelming. But don’t fret, I’ll be your guide every step of the way, helping you align your money with your most important life goals.

Are you a money manager?

Investment management (or money management) refers to the service I offer where I manage your investments for you. You don’t have to worry about which funds to choose, how to open accounts — much less how to actually move money around and make trades.

In contrast, investment advisory is simply me offering guidance on what investments to make. The actual implementation is then up to you.

I always will provide you investment advisory service. Whether you use my investment management services is entirely up to you.

What about Retirement Plans?

I also help folks figure out the right retirement plans to put in place... Roth IRA’s, SEP-IRA’s, 401(k)’s, Rollover IRA’s. We’ll get it all sorted so you can be confident that you’re on a path toward making work optional.

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Explore the Holistic Planning Process

Overwhelmed & Not Sure Where to Begin? 😲