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Life Planing: Navigating Obstacles

Obstacles Meeting

This is the concluding meeting of the Life Planning process. The focus of the meeting is how to make your vision for your great life feasible. In other words, how to make your dream your reality!

Because we're now transitioning into the financial planning process, we will also have time in the beginning of the meeting to address any outstanding questions you have, including any new or urgent items which have appeared in your financial life.

Beyond those items, here’s the typical agenda:

  • Review your vision statement. Does it resonate with you? Should we add to, or modify it in any way? Have you been thinking about how realistic (or not) it seems?
  • Discuss how we make your vision happen; and
  • Discuss next steps

For this meeting, you may want to have a way to take notes readily available.

Unifying the Vision

If you're completing the Life Planning process as a romantic couple, here are a few more notes on how the meeting with go!

In the previous two meetings, each of you went independently, while the other person was in listen-only mode. We will repeat that format again.

And yet, the Obstacles Meeting is a little bit different in this regard. Why? Because sometimes the two individual visions you hold may be (or at least appear) somewhat incompatible. And in that case, one obstacle we'll want to navigate is how to coordinate (or even integrate) these two visions.

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