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Tools to Navigate Your Internal Landscape

So.... What's Your Relationship with Money Like?! 🧐

As you begin thinking through your life plan, you may notice an equally important aspect of your financial plan: your relationship with money.

That's right, whether you like it or not, you have a relationship with money. And the relationship started - like so many do - when you were just a wee child. So yah, just like many other areas of life, your family of origin has a huge influence on your relationship with money.

Sometimes bringing definition and awareness to that relationship can help shift any aspects of your relationship with money that might be holding you back.

If you'd like to hear more about how I think about this, check out my blog post on why I believe shame is the biggest threat to your financial health.

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Money Relationship Resources

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Gain Insight into your Relationship with Money

Dr. Brad Klontz has done a lot really interesting work around money. He happens to be both a financial psychologist and financial planner. He's developed the Klontz Money Script Inventory assessment which will clarify your core beliefs around money. The assessment website provides an overview of the four core money scripts as well as tips for people with each script. It's pretty interesting stuff!

Lindsay Bryan-Podvin is a financial therapist and coach in Michigan who has also developed four distinct financial archetypes. You can take her quiz and see which one is most applicable to you!

Facilitating Financial Health. This book is an excellent overview of how helping professionals can help their clients (and themselves) with money issues. The authors are experts both in mental health and in finance, which given them a unique perspective. I found this book really interesting and insightful.

And if you're keen to listen to a podcast (or two) discussing money scripts and beliefs, here ya go!

Money Owners Podcast: Money Beliefs

Money Owners Podcast: Money Scripts & Worthiness

Explore the Field of Financial Therapy

You might also check out the Financial Therapy Association, which has some really intriguing and informative content. Who knows, perhaps you might even want to become a financial therapist yourself!

Article: What is a financial therapist and do I need one?

Coaching, Consulting & Coursework

There are increasingly a lot of good resources out there on money coaching. I've only included a few here, which I've heard good things about. I've also included some similar coaching services on the Personal Cash Flow page under the Cash Flow Coaching section.

Bari Tessler

Bari Tessler is arguably the greatest of all time (the think the kids just say GOAT) when it comes to money mindset and financial therapy. You start to understand why when she drops wisdom bombs like:

I love a good financial spreadsheet. But the savviest financial tools I’ve found are: compassion, body-based wisdom, and radical un-shaming.

You can check out her story out on her website. There, she offers a variety of tools, courses and coaching, including a free seven day course to get started.

Abundance Bound

Abundance Bound is an organization based in Los Angeles that helps folks establish a healthier, more compassionate relationship with their money. They offer membership programs, private mentorships, workshops and custom events.

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