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Student Loans Resource Page 🎓

Income Driven Repayment Plan Monthly Payment Calculator

There are three different worksheets, so be sure and open the right one!

There is a worksheet for single (unmarried) borrowers; one for married borrowers where ONLY ONE spouse is a student loan borrower; and finally a worksheet for married couples where BOTH spouses are student loan borrowers.

The worksheet is hosted in a Google Spreadsheet. Clicking on the below buttons will prompt you to create your personal copy of the worksheet.

Important Reminder! 🚩🚩🚩

These worksheets will give you only a ROUGH ESTIMATE. This is information for you to consider, NOT advice for you to implement.

Student Loans are notoriously complex and fussy. Before taking any action, I strongly encourage you to speak with a qualified advisor (not a rep from your loan servicer!). My Quick Start Coaching Intensive is one great place to begin! 😃

Income Driven Repayment Plan Summary

Download my one-page chart which summarizes the key provisions of the five different Income Driven Repayment plans. For more detail on each of the IDR plans, be sure and check out the blog post below.

Blog Posts

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