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Ongoing Planning Services

As I explain on the Services Overview page, there are three different ways you can work with me: ongoing planning, project engagements & coaching. This page provides an overview of the Ongoing Planning engagement.

Ongoing Financial Life Planning

I believe the true power of financial planning is harnessed through an ongoing, collaborative process. Life changes, your private practice shifts, your professional interests evolve, new challenges and opportunities arise. An ongoing, collaborative partnership allows your financial plan to adjust seamlessly.

Through ongoing planning, I act as your guide and partner. Together, we will align your money with your values and deploy your financial resources to support the life you feel called to live.

Ongoing Planning is the most comprehensive version of the services I offer. All the work you see described anywhere on this website is included. We don't do it all at once, of course. We focus on what's most important and make steady progress. Keep reading 📚 to learn more!

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What's the Process Look Like?

Great question! I'm glad you asked. Here's how we begin:

1. Consultation & Exploration 

We explore what challenges and opportunities you see in your life. We discuss what really excites you about being alive and what you want for your life. We'll also discuss any urgent matters which we need to tackle straight away.

2. Life Planning

We establish your vision for a fulfilled and meaningful life. We define goals and lay out a path to achievement.

3. Get Organized & Take Stock 

We fully inventory your financial life & resources. We identify what's working well and what could use some improvement.

4. Formulate Plan

We create a prioritized implementation plan to align your money and your life.

5. Implement & Monitor

We implement your plan, focusing on one project at at time. I'll also monitor happenings in your life to ensure focus and priorities remain appropriate.

6. Refine & Adjust

As life happens, I'll help you address challenges as they arise. We may find we need to adjust projects and priorities. No big deal! And typically we formally revisit life planning every two years.

Does it seem weird to create your life plan before we even bother looking at your financial resources?

If so, I get it. I hear that a lot! Here's how I see it.

I believe that it's essential to dream big about the life you want to lead. I don't want what you perceive to be your financial limitations to make your dreams artificially small. There are so many creative financial solutions to help you live the life you really want to live. That's what financial planning is all about!

Want to learn more about this Life Planning approach (and how you can even begin it on your own)? Check out my free Guide to Financial Planning for Therapists. Click here to access!

Ongoing Financial Guidance

Of course, the above process is only a template. I'll adjust the particulars to suit your specific life circumstances. And we will always carefully address any urgent matters, no matter when they arise.

Through an ongoing, collaborative relationship, we focus our efforts on what is most important. We work through your financial plan sequentially in order of priority, attending to all important arenas. This approach focuses on steady progress without overwhelming you with a deluge of tasks and action items.

A critical element of successfully navigating your financial life is focusing on taking that next, manageable step. With me as your guide, you will make consistent, sustainable progress. And that consistency is the key to long-term financial health.