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Holistic Planning Services

Holistic Financial Planning

My 12-month Holistic Planning Package will guide you through every essential element of your financial life. This Package is also a great way to dive deep into one particular area (such as the financials of your private practice) while incorporating how other facets of your financial life intersect with that area.

The Holistic package is a combination of planning, coaching and advocacy. What the heck does that mean?!

👉 Planning means analytical work that I perform on your behalf behind the scenes

👉 Coaching means guidance and education I provide you - expanding the tools at your disposal to navigate financial matters

👉 Advocacy means me helping you navigate the financial system. That could include me jumping on a phone call with your loan servicer or sharing screens to help you navigate one of your online financial accounts.

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What's the Process Look Like?

1. Life Planning

Life Planning will help us define what your great life looks like and ensure we use your financial resources to support that life. Learn more about Life Planning here.

2. Earnings & Personal Spending

I'll perform a deep-dive into both how you spend your money and how you earn it. If you own a private practice, we'll explore your practice financials in-depth so you truly understand the key financial metrics of your business.

3. Debt & Asset Management 

We'll make sure that you're managing any outstanding debt, including student loan debt, in an effective way. We can also evaluate how big purchases, like a primary or secondary residence, fit into your overall financial plan.

4. Holistic Financial Plan

I'll build an integrated strategic plan for your financial life. You'll feel organized and on track, knowing how much to spend and how much to save.

5. Investing Strategy

I'll develop an investment strategy aligned with your life and financial plan. You may choose to implement the investments yourself, or I can manage your investments for you.

6. Risk Management & Estate Planning

We'll assess what plans you need to best protect you and your loved ones. This includes evaluating insurance policies, legal estate planning documents and business entities.

👉 You can learn more about the different facets of your financial life I'll help you navigate on this page.

What happens after the 12 month program?

That's entirely up to you!

You may find that you would like to continue with in-depth guidance on an ongoing basis. If you continue, you can see the annual service calendar we'll follow below 👇

You may decide you've learned enough and are comfortable managing your financial life yourself. Or you might land somewhere in between those two options, and transition to a lower priced service where you'll be doing a bit of work on your own and a bit of work in collaboration with me.

Ongoing Guidance: Annual Service Calendar

I'll always be your on-call financial expert. And at times we'll be working on special projects, like getting your estate plan in place or refining non-clinical aspects of your practice.

In addition, over the course of the year, I'll review and report back on each important area of your financial life.

Nov - Dec 🥳 | P&L & Year-End Tax

The end of the year is where we set you up for success in the year yet-to-come! 

I'll review the P&L of your practice and project your practice financials for the follow year. This will allow you to see clearly what's happening and make empowering decisions that are aligned both with the value you provide and how you want to work! We'll also consider tax plans for next year, like the S-Corp election and retirement plan changes.

I'll also review the year-almost-over and consider if there are any tax-saving moves you could make as the year comes to an end.

Jan - Feb ❄️ | Cashflow & Goals

I'll review your personal cash flow from the previous year to see how you're tracking with savings, spending and any debt payoff. I'll also review how you're tracking to reach your longer-term financial goals, including financial independence. 

This is also a great time of year to refresh your Life Plan, and make sure you stay focused for the year on the most important elements of your life. I'll have some exercises you can consider and we can review together.

March - April 🌷 | Tax Guidance

The spring of the year is all about taxes! I know... not the most fun, but I'll make sure you feel supported through this confusing (and at times overwhelming) process. 

While I don't prepare tax returns, I'll make sure you have a tax prep strategy you feel good about and I'll review you tax return prior to filing to make sure your return is as accurate and favorable as possible.

CPA's are great partners, but this is a really overwhelming time of year for them. We all make mistakes, and it's great to have a financial planner in your corner who really knows the in's and out's of your financial life and who can confirm that your return reflects all the hard work you're doing to minimize your tax burden.

May - June 🌞 | Debt Review

Early summer is when I take a good look at any debt you're carrying. Whether it's student loan debt, credit card debt, a mortgage or your auto loan, I'll make sure you're taking advantage of refinancing opportunities and on a smart path to paying off those debts. 

There's nothing wrong with having debt.  In some cases, even credit card debt can be an ok tool if it's carefully and intentionally managed. I'll help you use debt wisely to support reaching your life goals, rather than holding you back.

At this point of the year, I'll also do a quick check in on your practice P&L to see if you're on track to achieve your professional financial goals for the year.

July - Aug  ⛱ | Investing & Assets

Late summer is when I evaluate the assets of your personal balance sheet. Those are anything you own, including your home, retirement accounts and any other investments. I'll take a look and see how everything is progressing and evaluate if there are any changes we should consider making. I keep an eye on your investment all year long of course, but this is a good time of year to make sure we're all on the same page and in agreement on the strategy.

Late summer is also when I do a quick check in on your personal cash flow to make sure you're on track to hit your spending, savings and debt-pay-down goals for the year.

Sept - Oct 🎃 | Risk & Estate Planning

Fall is the time of year for Pumpkin Spice Lattes and reviewing your risk management, insurance and estate plans. I find that having a financial professional in your corner who can offer a unbiased and outside assessment of insurance policies and estate planning documents can offer tremendous peace of mind. 

I'll consider what life changes you've navigated in the past year and evaluate whether there are any changes you need to bring your overall risk management and estate plans into alignment. 

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