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Confidence you’re on the right track

Financial Planning for Therapists

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You're not an ordinary therapist.

You're making more money than you ever thought possible, and that feels AMAZING.

And yet... your financial house feels a little... wobbly.

There are things you know you need to do — but you feel stuck or unsure how to begin.

Things might be going pretty well — but you'd love to know you’re on the right track (and haven’t forgotten anything important)!

Financial planning will give you clarity on where you are, where you’re going — and what you need to do to get there.

I'll help you navigate the complex financial journey of life (and practice ownership) with confidence and ease.

I'll also help you find motivation and hope when the inevitable roadblocks appear! (And that happens to all of us!)

👋 Hi, I’m Dave. I’m a financial planner for therapists. 

I'll help you move from wondering if you're doing ok, to knowing you're on the right track.

👉 Learn more about how I can help you.

No, you're not an ordinary therapist.

And you don't need an ordinary financial advisor.

You need a thinking partner... a CFO for your life.

A partner to help you manage your financial obligations. 

A partner to hold space as you grow in your own money and entrepreneurial journey.

Together we will...

  • Organize & simplify your financial life & resources.
  • Create a personalized financial plan, so you know what’s most important to focus on and have confidence you’re not overlooking anything essential.
  • Provide the knowledge and support you need to make financial progress with ease.
  • Wisely manage personal spending & practice cash flow — and pay less in taxes.
  • Prudently invest for your future and strategically use the right retirement plan for you and your practice.
  • Pay off your student loans and strategically manage debt.
  • Holistically manage the risks you, your family and your practice face.
  • ... and SO much more (click here to learn what!)

Ready to feel organized, supported and hopeful? 

Financial planning organizes and prioritizes everything in your financial life. You’ll feel great knowing your financial house is in order. You’ll be confident you’re on the right track (and haven’t overlooked anything important).

Your practice financials, tax management, budgeting, retirement plan selection - even insurance policies and estate planning. I’ll evaluate any existing investments you have, and design a smart investing strategy for your future.

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Get Organized without the Overwhelm!

Private practice revenue worksheet Los Angeles, CA turning point Financial Life Planning

How about we replace financial doubt and complexity with knowledge & clarity?

And throw in a dose of motivation and hope for when the inevitable roadblocks appear!

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Do You Understand the S-Corp?

Thinking about making the S-Corp election?  Already have one? Just want to know what all the fuss is about?

This recorded webinar will help you understand - once and for all - how the S-Corp tax election works.

It'll give you the knowledge you need to manage your S-Corp right - or decide if it's right for you!

Watch the Training Now!

Private practice revenue worksheet Los Angeles, CA turning point Financial Life Planning

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