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Wait! Don't Go!

Right now, I’m only accepting group practice owners as financial planning clients, but...

Helping every member of the mental health community that’s looking for financial guidance is core to my mission.

I really wish I could work one-on-one with everyone who reaches out to me. But I've learned that I can't — and trying to do so just leaves me burned out and frustrated.

But I can offer you a bunch of free resources and guidance. This page outlines the four ways I can help: 

  1. Learn what type of help will best serve you;
  2. Free Resources to educate and guide you;
  3. Free “Ask Me Anything” office hours; and
  4. Recommendations for Finding Financial Professionals.

You’ll find more information on each in the sections below.

What kind of financial help do you need?

Finding financial help can be tricky because there are many different financial professionals offering different types of services. (And they all sound sorta similar). 

Here's a few pointers on deciding what type of one-on-on financial services might best help you:

  • If you're continually frustrated and confused by your own financial behavior, suspect you might self-sabotage or find your emotional response to money unmanageable, financial therapy is probably the best place for you to start;

  • If you feel lost and overwhelmed and wish someone could walk you through the right steps and hold you accountable, financial coaching might be a good fit; and

  • If you feel like things are going pretty well, but there are things you're uncertain about or confused by, then financial planning is likely right for you.

If you'd like a more detailed explanation of these three different types of services, click here.

I've included resources to find professionals offering each of these services in the "Find the Right Financial Professional" section, below.

Free Resources to Educate & Guide

No matter how or where you work as a therapist, I have great resources to help support your financial journey.

And... I will eventually expand my financial planning services beyond just group practice owners. I'm even working on plans to expand the accessibility of financial planning to therapists in a group coaching slash coursework model. No, unfortunately that doesn't exist yet — but I think about it a lot. Consider signing up for my email newsletter — you'll get a TON of educational content and you'll be first to know when that group model comes into existence!

Free Office Hours (Ask me anything!)

I also hold no cost "office hours" for therapists. I hold these group calls about every other month. They're designed to provide therapists the opportunity to get the perspective of a fiduciary, fee-only financial planner. 

👉 Click here to register for the next office hours session.

Finding the Right Financial Professional

I offer ongoing financial planning services for group practice owners. If you're not a group practice owner — or are confident a short-term or hourly engagement better fits your needs — I'd encourage you to check out advisors at XY Planning Network or the directory at the Fee Only Network.

If you're looking for support building better financial behaviors and habits, I'd consider working with a financial coach or financial therapist. The Financial Therapy Association Directory is a great resource. The XY Planning Network directory offers many qualified professionals that offer coaching. Lisa Marie, the Sassy Wealth Coach, is amazing. She frequently works with therapists and has great tools to help you build strong financial habits and get to a place where you're ready to engage a financial planner.

If you're needing financial guidance focused more on your practice (rather than your personal finances), check out the private practice coaches on my Resources Page.

If you're simply looking for investment management services, I would consider Vanguard Digital Advisor or if you're looking for a higher-touch solution, Vanguard Personal Advisor Services. Another good automated investing solution to consider is Betterment. In my experience, all of these offer solid investment solutions at reasonable prices.