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Are therapists actually bad with money? 🤔 Thumbnail

Are therapists actually bad with money? 🤔

Somehow we find ourselves at the beginning of 2022. 🤯 I don't really understand how that happened: the year feels like it flew by. That feels like such a cliched thing to say. And for me it really feels true.

You know another cliched thing to say? That therapists are bad with money. Or bad with numbers.

But that cliche? The thing is... I'm not really sure it's true.

Sure, as a therapist, your zone of genius might not be found in the quantitative fields of money, finance and maths. Those things might even sound scary or intimidating.

But (since we're going deep on cliches today), if I had a dime for every time I heard a therapist say "I'm just not good with money..." 💰

I've had so many conversations with therapists where they've told me about these amazing businesses they've built. How they change lives. How they juggle the responsibilities of managing the finances of their business. How they also manage their own personal finances - often while dealing with mountains of student loan debt.

They tell me this AMAZING story about all that they've done - quite literally accomplishing things many (most?) MBA students haven't. And then they follow it up with "Yah, but I'm just not that good with money."

I might suggest that there is simply NO WAY you've accomplished all you have in your life (both professionally and personally) if you weren't already good with money.

Have you made some money missteps? I mean, of course. Because we all make money mistakes. (I just made one this week, but more about that in a future email... 🙈) Could your money skills and practices use some improvement? Maybe! And that's ok, too.

If you find yourself feeling (as I have) a bit reflective, consider reflecting on your relationship with money. And your relationship with your money skills.

Consider opening yourself to the possibility that the story you've been telling yourself about your money and math skills isn't the entire truth. Explore if there are some limiting beliefs lurking around that no longer serve you.

Open yourself to the possibility that you might just be an AMAZING business owner with EPIC money skills.

What would it feel like to say "I'm really quite good with money." and REALLY OWN that statement?

To really feel the authenticity and truth of that sentence as it leaves your mouth. Maybe sit with that idea for a moment. What do you notice in your body? What could possibly get in the way of making that statement true for you?

Working with clients on their mindset blocks and limiting beliefs is one of the most important things I do as a financial planner. It's also one of the most rewarding! To see someone's face light up as they realize how to navigate a block in their financial journey is magic.

I hope you and yours have a happy, healthy and safe new years. Here's to continuing to challenge our limiting beliefs (we all have them!) and stepping more fully into the lives we feel called to live.

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