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Welcome, Modern Therapists!

I'm super excited to be partnering with the Therapy Reimagined team to help bring you an inspiring conference this year! 🥳

As a financial planner for therapists, I use the tools of financial planning to help you grow your impact and build a life you love. I get really excited about financial planning because it has the power to transform your life!

Help me Help You!

Let me know what financial questions are on your mind so I can tailor what I share at the conference to be of maximum impact. You can submit questions below! 👇

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in September! In the meantime, check out my welcome video  on this page and explore my website. 

What's on your Mind? 🤔

I want to tailor what I share at the conference to  be most useful to you!

What questions do you have around your personal or practice financials?

Submit your question in the form below!

You don't have to share your email address but the system requires one be entered. Feel free to copy and paste dave@turningpointhq.com into the field below.

Virtual Swag Bag Offers

Coming Soon!!

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