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Mission & Values

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Mission & Values

Tending to your financial life is an essential element of self-care. My mission and values will help provide you a clearer picture of how I work, what I believe and what working with me will be like.


Turning Point's mission is to help psychotherapists lead more authentic,
balanced and abundant lives.


Defining How We Work with Clients

We practice non-judgment & acceptance.
We meet our clients where they are without judgment and with a beginner’s mind. We celebrate people for who they are, rather than judge them for who they are not. We embrace a “no blame, no shame” mindset.

We value client empowerment.
We do not make financial decisions for our clients, or pretend to know what is best for them. Rather, we empower clients to determine which financial moves best suit them. We do this by providing knowledge and innovative solutions for them to consider. We come to every conversation with an open mind rather than a prescriptive answer.

We practice open, honest communication & deep listening.
We tell the whole truth to ourselves, our clients and each other. We believe honest and open communication is critical for a mutually beneficial relationship. We listen deeply and completely; seek to understand before we are understood; and actively seek feedback.

We welcome emotions.
We believe positive life change is accelerated by identifying and harnessing the energy of our emotions. ****We therefore embrace emotions and welcome them into our conversations about life and money.

We embrace discomfort.
We normalize discomfort because it is where growth and learning occur. We believe success in life is directly correlated to willingness to have uncomfortable conversations.

We treat everyone with respect, kindness, compassion & appreciation.
We embrace diversity and differing points of view. We value being kind above being right.


Defining the Services We Offer Clients

We believe that the greatest risk is not living into your dream for a great life. 
Our focus is to ensure your financial resources are employed to support your life of greatest value, meaning and purpose. We believe that by living into your own ideal life, you position yourself to be of maximum service to the world around you, including significant others, friends, coworkers, clients and communities.

We believe in on-going, collaborative partnership.
We believe an on-going and collaborative partnership best serves clients. The benefits of this approach include the reduction of complexity and overwhelm; an increase in optimism and confidence; optimization of tradeoffs; and an acceleration of the pace of positive financial & life changes.

We value a fluid & flexible process of planning.
We believe the value of financial planning is found in the on-going process of planning. A rigid and static plan is of little utility, but the fluid and flexible act of planning is invaluable.

We value focus & incremental improvement.
We focus on a small number of manageable action items at one time. We don't strive for perfection, or getting everything done at once. We celebrate incremental improvements and believe in progress rather than perfection. We guard against the perfect becoming the enemy of the good.

We value engagement and ownership.
We believe one of the keys to positive financial change is to see clearly the reality of our financial situation and engage with it consistently. This requires clients to take ownership and action. While there are certain domains (especially investment management) where we may do the majority of the heavy lifting, there will always be work for the client to complete. We do not offer an outsourcing arrangement because we do not believe such an arrangement is effective.

We believe money is a tool.
We believe financial resources are merely a tool for us to support our ideal lives. Money is a means and not an end. We believe in the philosophy of sufficiency and that consciously defining “enough” is an essential element of maintaining a healthy relationship with money. We believe people don’t truly have financial goals; they have life goals with financial implications.

We believe in tax-efficient, passive investing.
We believe it is impossible to consistently beat the market by employing an active investment strategy. We believe in a disciplined investment approach based on long-term strategic asset allocation. We do not time the market or invest in specific companies. We partner with leading investment managers who employ a data-driven approach to investing and employ broadly diversified investments.